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1.What Vape Should I Choose?
At ASD Vapor’s we have selected and sell some of the biggest and most reliable brands of E Cigarette available.
We have Vapes in a wide range of shapes, colours and power to suit all needs.
2. How to get started?
Add your desired Vape to the basket, complete the checkout process and wait 1-2 days and you should have you new vape. Some of which are ready to use straight away others are not however an instruction manual will be provided with your purchase.
3. What is E-liquid?
The main material of E-liquid is PG(Propylene Glycol), VG(Vegetable Glycerine), Nicotine and Food grade flavouring.

PG gives you the throat hit feeling stronger flavour.

VG generate more cloud and sweeter.

4. Is PG harmful?
Propylene Glycol is a food additive used in soft drinks, cosmetics, salad dressing etc.
5. Is VG harmful?
Vegetable Glycerine is a food additive can be found in baking, pharmacies, drinks etc.
6. Is nicotine harmful?
Nicotine is addictive which can be found in tabacco.
7. What do i do if i receive a faulty item?

We are sorry to hear that you received the item in bad condition. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Kindly return the item and we will gladly replace or refund your entire order. To return an item, please follow these steps:

1. Send an email and notify our customer services advisors via

2. Upon receiving your details, we will assign an RMA number to your request.

3.The RMA label in pdf form will be emailed back to you within 2-24 business hours.

4. Send back the item together with the return label for easy identification.

5. After we receive the returned item, we will take the appropriate action based on your request – refund or replace the item.

ASD Vapor Return Address:
Lockyer Mews
Enfield Island Village

Please take note that we will accept returned merchandise without a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, however any return costs associated with this will be at your own expense. Returns received without authorization may take longer to process the required refund or replacement.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us through our email address at:

We value your business and have a great day!

8. How to choose the E-Liquid size?

If you vape 1-2 hours a day, then 10ml E-Liquid can last for about 2 weeks, it normally cost £1.50 to £5 depending on the brand.

9. How To Contact Us
Our business hours are from Monday until Saturday 8AM-5PM GMT.

We aim to reply to all messages as quickly as possible and you should expect to receive a response from us within 2-24 hrs.